Monday, April 11, 2011

Samsung More Generous with 3D Glasses

Active 3D glasses are quite expensive and this is possibly a major factor in that people to not seem to take an interest in 3D. Now Samsung intends to do something about it.

LG has opted for the cheapest alternative with its 3D screens by using the same kind of passive technology that cinemas use. This means that they can include two pairs of glasses for each 3D-capable TV, in addition to sell glasses for much less.

Samsung, which is going with active glasses instead, have decided to do a similar thing. First by lowering the price of the glasses to $50 (earlier models cost about three times as much).

But that's not all. From now on, they will send two pairs of glasses for every TV of the 2011 model, namely the new 7- and 8-series. Definitely a big step forward - now HDTV producers need only agree on a common standard for glasses and stop changing their technical platform at least once a year so ordinary consumers start to feel safe with 3D technology at home.

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