Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Atrix from Motorola - The Morphing Phone

Motorola released its Android flagship Atrix 4G at the CES Exhibit in Las Vegas this January.What makes the Atrix phone unique is not only that it is equipped with a dual core processor, common laptop memory and other powerful components beneath the chassis. Its most prominent attribute is that the smartphone also serves as a or less fullComputer.

The accessory is called Lapdock, and is a docking station for the smartphone with keyboard, mouse and monitor. For all intents and purposes it looks precisely like a netbook or other tiny laptop computer when in use. Just attach the cell phone to the back of the docking station and the computer comes to lifestyle.

When you hook up the Atrix, it instantly launches the Webtop app, which offers the users with a total notebook or desktop graphicas user interface similar to Mac computers.

As a consequence, you get a full-fledged pc that is capable of about the same things as small laptops. You can also enjoy videos and do other things you would count on from a normal mini laptop.The outcome is a totally operational laptop computer that allows complete Internet browsing by means of desktop FireFox 3.6 with Adobe Flash support and lets you perform other tasks that you could certainly not do on a normal smartphone.According to early reviews, pages download fast, and it is experienced by and large as utilizing a conventional mini notebook. The device is rather large - not drastically scaled-down than the average netbook or ultraportable. It weighs just a little more than 2lbs and is 1.4 cm thick. The display is 11" and the resolution is 1366x768. Its included battery will stay alive for between 8 and 10 hrs of use. There are also a couple of stereo speakers included plus two USB ports.

Its keyboard is backlit and looks like the ones you find on Sony Vaio laptops. It offers full size keys and an ergonomically accurate working environment for the Motorola Atrix Lapdock. Beneath the keyboard is a standard track pad to manage the mouse pointer on the screen. It has support for multi touch so you can scroll down websites by dragging two fingers across it. The Wetop user interface looks a whole lot like Mac OS X, with animated program icons at the bottom of the display.
It also offers normal application windows that you are used to from a normal computer. Another element is that even if the phone is docked on the back of the screen you can nevertheless use it by way of an application termed mobile view.
This is merely the screen on your phone but with complete accessibility to all options.

It must be rather evident that the Atrix and Lapdock cannot replace a full-featured laptop or desktop. While it is about the same dimension as a thin ultraportable it is not quite as powerful. On the other hand it's nonetheless an incredible idea that really exhibits the capabilities of the Motorola Atrix and the Linux-driven Android OS.

Hopefully the selling price will drop eventually, simply because it's such a great concept. It is a smart way to make use of the progressively powerful mobile phones with swiftl processors and plenty of memory.

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